This association was created with this two projects in mind. They developed from the need to bring peace and integration to those persons currently arriving to Luxembourg seeking refugee and asylum and those who have acquired that status.

Our projects are:

A moving library, the Bibliobus, that will bring books that promote integration, peace, learning, and well-being through the local languages of Luxembourg and the first languages of persons in seek of asylum and persons who have the refugee status.

Healing & Empowerment will bring workshops that share simple tools for healing trauma. Those tools include meditation, breathing techniques, tapping techniques, among many others. This tools are based on the initiative Capacitar which is recognized worldwide and has worked for more than a decade in helping those in major need. The tools provided are particularly focused for people seeking asylum.

Both projects are currently in their planning phase still. Their pilot phase will being on January 2017 and we look forward to develop it further by August 2017.

Moreover, both projects will work simultaneously… where the Bibliobus goes, Healing & Empowerment will be there.

Both projects include locals and residents of Luxembourg as well.

We are proud to acknowledge that our projects are developed through the financial support of Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte (call for projects Mateneen).