About us

We believe that each person has something important to bring to the rest of society. We all have something to share, teach and learn from each other.

In that spirit, Living Zesummen a.s.b.l. was founded on the 2nd of August 2016 by four individuals to recognize, share and learn from each other and the world. Here are the hopes and efforts of four individuals with a shared belief in humanity.

Before creating this association, we collaborated together in different social, cultural, artistic and human rights projects. And before that, each of us volunteered, worked and studied for peace, integration, education, philosophy and human rights.

We are highly motivated and proved to ourselves, we can make a difference together. One step at a time. We invite you to join us.

Our core values are collective action, empathy, acknowledgement of others and integration.

Our goal is to share and learn together through helping those in need.

Living Zesummen has the purpose of facilitating process of integration, solidarity and autonomy, as well as connecting people with the aim of developing a savoir vivre between the whole society living in Luxembourg. This recognition of the other is reinforced through cultural, ludic, artistic, literary, peace and emotional healing activities”.

Our statutes:

Please find them here.